Cook Your Own Adventure: British Holiday Favorites, Part 1

Bubble and Squeak

Rebecca Houghton
5 min readDec 1, 2020


Christmas is normally a time to be with family, but this year my plans to visit the UK are cancelled. Lamenting that the joy of sharing my holiday cooking was also cancelled, I had an epiphany! I can still share my holiday cooking with you, my social family.

A cooking perfectionist, I am not. I like to wing it and have a “choose your own adventure” experience. While I’ll give you options to go your own way with these dishes, I also invite you to explore, have fun with them yourself!

Top: Bubble and Squeak plated with a fried egg, Left: Yorkshire Puddings still hot in the pan, Right: Christmas Pudding
Top: Bubble and Squeak, Left: Yorkshire Puddings, Right: Christmas Pudding

Look for recipes and cooking tips over the next three weeks for:

1. Mum’s Bubble and Squeak
2. Nanna’s Christmas Puddings
3. Max’s Favorite Sausage Rolls
4. My Yorkshire Puddings

I would love to see how you get on if you try these out (tag me on Instagram, @bxhoughton) and feel free to ask for advice on my post there or here.

Looking forward to sharing the love and the joy of cooking with you all this holiday season. x

BUBBLE AND SQUEAK, so called because of the sound it makes as it cooks — have a listen to the video on Instagram, can you hear the squeak?

Bubble and Squeak with a side of fried egg
Bubble and Squeak with a side of fried egg

Modern recipes suggest making Bubble and Squeak from scratch, but to me, that’s sacrilege, since it’s traditionally a dish that gives new life to scraps.

This means it’s perfect to make right now with any Thanksgiving leftovers you still have lurking in your fridge! Then tuck the recipe away to use again later this month.

Growing up in the UK, my mum would often cook Bubble and Squeak as a Monday night meal to use up leftovers from Sunday’s roast dinner. If visiting the UK you might also find Bubble and Squeak on your plate as part of your full English breakfast, made with leftovers from the previous night’s dinner (our take on hash browns).



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